The problem of choosing the right motorcycle puzzled as beginners and experienced drivers, dreaming of a versatile model with which you can become one on the road, to feel and understand the character of each other, which you can trust your life. And no one is interested in the problem of removing tires from rims for scrap, because everything is done very simply.

Tips for choosing a motorcycle for beginners and professionals differ significantly, based on the specific requirements for the motorcycle.

If the plate with the nu

mber is lost or damaged, you can use the service of making a duplicate number on your motorcycle. Number production is made on professional equipment and is made with regard to all norms and standards.

Choosing your first motorcycle.
Many beginners, barely received the rights and mastered the theory and practice of motorcycle driving, are hurt by advice to choose more modest models. I want to drive and cool at once, but ambition and fervor can cost expensive for beginners motorcyclists, both in terms of finances and health.

There are no problems with spare parts for modern motorcycles now. There is a huge range of spare parts on the market, both new and used. But when buying a rare or exclusive model it is better to find out in advance whether it will be possible to repair the iron horse in reasonable time.

For the first motorcycle the most important qualities are easy handling and durability. Models with a small engine volume, from 250 to 650cc are best suited for this. For beginner motorcyclists, a large performance unit is not necessary, because they are unlikely to race it daily long distances, and perform some special tricks.

It is often recommended to buy used motorcycles, as they are not so sorry to scratch (which is inevitable for most beginners), they will not fall in price as new by the time it’s time to replace them with a more advanced model and they cost much less.

The main thing is to carefully study the history of the motorcycle: all its owners, the number and nature of accidents, the parts repaired and replaced.

For more experienced and confident drivers who have decided to upgrade their bike, it is recommended to be guided by the nature of motorcycle use, that is, to rely on what purposes the motorcycle will be used for.

The main areas of motorcycle use:

Driving in the city;
Driving in suburban areas;
Long journeys between cities (and even countries);
Street – racing;
Participation in competitions.
It is from these goals, selects the type of motorcycle, and then the brand and model. Besides the fact that the motorcycle should primarily like the buyer, you should pay attention to the fact that the legs when standing the bike, reach the ground, sit on it was comfortable and you can lift it independently from the ground.

It is best to choose a motorcycle with a more experienced friend or mentor to help prevent possible shortcomings and problems with the technique.


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