Problems with the wiring in the car

Your car needs wiring to keep the lights, sensors, generators, and other electrical-dependent devices and units working. And the more such electronics in a vehicle, the more likely it is that a short circuit will occur with the wiring. Coupled with gasoline and flammable oil, such an incident can cause a fire and cause irreparable damage to the car. That’s why it’s so important to pay attention to proper wiring inside the vehicle. In case of irreparable dam

age, you should contact here:

A short circuit is accompanied by erratic behavior of lights, arrows, and other indicators. Lamps can periodically light up and go out, arrows jumpĀ for no reason, indicators flicker, etc. Such behavior of electronics, on which the safety of the driver and passengers directly depends, is unacceptable, that is why it is worth to apply to service stations for help. To do this, immediately accurately go to the service station and immediately on arrival, turn off the car to de-energize it.

The reason of a short circuit occurrence is the weak contact between wiring and a car body. It is connected with low qualification of particular “craftsman”, who performed work on connection of additional electrical module or equipment.

If the work was carried out sloppily, the wire may be bare in one or other places. If this section touches the body of the car, a short circuit will occur. This converts electrical energy to thermal energy, igniting the wire braid and surrounding flammable surfaces.

If you find a bare or damaged section of wire, wrap some electrical tape around it. This temporary measure will protect the vehicle until you can have the defect repaired at a service station.

If you find a melted or burnt wire, there is a connection defect. Fix the problem by replacing the affected wiring. It is better to entrust such work to professionals from the service station.

Problems with the wiring in the car

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