Hidden extra features of cars that owners don’t even know about

Many modern cars are equipped with various options and systems which make the life of the driver much easier. However, not all car owners are aware of the presence of certain options and systems on their cars. Let’s talk in detail about those functions which drivers don’t even realize they have and cash for scrap cars.

Concealed presence of cruise control
In the past, cruise control, which is the system, allowing keeping constant the set speed, was accessible only for foreign cars of premium-class. However, nowadays such systems are installed even at the budget models, which allows to make movement along country roads much easier. In this case, there is even an opportunity to perform an independent installation of such cruise control for both automatic and mechanical gearboxes. All you need to do is to buy a special set of keys and control unit for the whole system.

You can also get the necessary cruise control by simply reprogramming the existing electronic engine control unit. For literally 2-3 thousand rubles, which is the cost of such a service, you can get the option of cruise control, which was offered in the cabin for 10-15 thousand rubles or more. It will not be difficult to find out whether such a system on your car, it will be necessary to study the manual to the car, remember also that the buttons that are responsible for activating the cruise control are located on the steering wheel switches. Learning how to properly use this cruise is not difficult, which will greatly simplify the trip on country roads.

Window actuators and “auto-push” doors
Previously, door, window and trunk release systems were the prerogative of expensive cars, and on cars that were officially supplied to Russia, such options were unavailable or offered at a high cost. Today, however, there is a trend where such electronic systems, which in the past were not available on the budget cars, are increasingly appearing on the inexpensive cars. The drive of windows and doors makes it somewhat easier to operate the car, now the driver does not need to think about the fact that he did not close the window and left the car in the parking lot.

It is possible to install such additional systems, also many advanced security complexes and alarm systems have the ability to push the windows, and you do not need to purchase any additional modules and blocks. All you need to do in this case is to choose a quality security system or alarm system, and the masters installing such a system, activate all its additional options, including the homescreen when the car is armed.

The function of the headlights “Pathway to the house”.
When parking a car in front of a private house or in a dark, unlit yard, there is a problem with how to safely reach the entrance in complete darkness. Some business cars have a special feature called the Pathway to the House. The principle of its work is extremely simple, after the car is armed, the lights shine for 10-15 seconds, as if escorting the driver to the door of his home, then turn off without consuming battery power.

You can easily set up such a Pathway to the house yourself, resulting in the lights or dipped beam headlights. If you have advanced logic in the car control unit or if you install a special security system, you can not only configure such lights and the track to the house, but also change the operation of the wipers, set the windshield clamp and program other additional options in the car. You can learn more about the function of the Path to Home from the manual to the car, which will describe whether there is such a system in your car.

To summarize.
Many modern cars are equipped with various additional systems that make life easier for the driver. However, not all of these options are used by car owners, without even knowing about their presence in the car. For example, many drivers are surprised to find out that their car has electric windows and doors, cruise control or the Road Home function. If you want, you can easily equip your car with the systems you need by purchasing and installing electronic modules and units, making it much easier to use the car.

Hidden extra features of cars that owners don’t even know about

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