Faults in the ignition system

Various ignition systems are installed on modern vehicles: contact, non-contact, electronic. Regardless, it is possible to take advantage of the offer of  dispose license plates.

Various ignition system malfunctions occur during operation. The following general ignition system malfunctions can be distinguished:

ignition plug failures;
ignition coil malfunctions;
connection failure in the high-voltage and low-voltage circuit (breakage of wires, oxidation of contacts, loose connection, etc.).

For the electronic ignition system, faults in the electronic control unit and defects in the input sensors can be added to this list.

The non-contact ignition system can have problems with the transistor commutator, distributor sensor cap, centrifugal and vacuum ignition advance regulator.

The main causes of ignition system malfunctions are:

violation of operating rules (use of low-quality gasoline, violation of service intervals and unqualified maintenance);
use of low-quality structural elements of the system (plugs, ignition coils, high-voltage wires, etc.);
impact of external factors (mechanical damage, atmospheric effects).
The most common malfunctions of the ignition system are defects in the spark plugs. Now that spark plugs have become available to the consumer, this malfunction is easy to fix and does not cause much trouble to motorists.

It is also positive that a significant number of ignition system faults are a thing of the past along with the contact ignition system and the poor quality of its elements.

Faults in the ignition system can be diagnosed by external signs. It should be noted that ignition system malfunctions share common external signs with fuel system malfunctions and injection system malfunctions. Therefore, the diagnosis of malfunctions of these systems should be carried out as a whole.

External signs of ignition system malfunctions are:

Difficulty starting the engine;
Unstable engine operation at idle speed;
engine power decrease;
Increased fuel consumption.


Faults in the ignition system

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