Driving in ice

Winter is a time that motorists don’t like. It is uncomfortable outdoors, and the car is even more troublesome: it has to be cleaned of snow, warmed up before driving, and the risk of getting into an accident increases. The cause of accidents in winter is often ice. If you have a problem, you can contact us here: https://scrapcar.cash/what-paperwork-do-i-need-to-scrap-a-car/.

Choosing car tires

It is a common opinion that it is safer to drive in ice on tires with a large tread pattern. This is not true, because it has long been proved that the fine tread pattern is more reliable. This conclusion is due to their greater elasticity and grip on icy road surfaces.

It is even better to use tires with a radial tread pattern or tires with spikes. The latter option is optimal when braking sharply on a winter road.

Brake correctly in icy conditions

The behavior of the car when braking in ice is very different from this process in summer. If during the warm season sudden braking will give the result, in winter it will lead to loss of control of the car. Therefore, experienced drivers recommend not to press the brake once until you stop, but to use the technique of intermittent braking, when your foot makes many short presses on the pedal.

Proper maneuvering in ice

As well as in case of sharp braking, a sharp turn of a steering wheel on the icy road will lead to loss of control of the car and an accident. After all, this loses contact between the tire and the road surface. The motorist will get nervous and make a mistake. If there is a dense stream of cars around, it will inevitably lead to an accident.

If you have just exchanged the rear-driven car for the front-driven one or vice versa, you should get acquainted with the difference of behavior of these two models on a deserted ground before business trips. In fact, the way the automobile behaves during braking and sharp maneuvering depends on a drive. Otherwise, not having skills of handling with another drive, it is possible to get into an accident situation.

Driving in ice

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