Mass air flow sensor – what is it, where is it located and what is it for? The mass air flow sensor (MAF) of the vehicle is part of the propulsion system. Transmits information to the electronic system, which, on the basis of this information, normalizes the composition of the air-fuel mixture entering the engine combustion chamber. If it malfunctions, there may be malfunctions in the operation of the vehicle systems. If the entire vehicle is faulty, it might be better to recycle it here right away: scrapcar.cash/.

Where is
The vehicle’s mass air flow sensor is located between the air filter and the throttle valve, namely the air filter. It is an essential part of the vehicle starting system.

In total, there are three types of mass air flow sensors: film, volumetric and wire (filament). By the principle of operation, they are almost identical.

Causes of malfunction
The main reasons for the breakdown of the vehicle mass air flow sensor include the following:

Clogged with dirt;
Regulator circuit problem;
Oxidation of sensor contacts;
Damaged wiring.
In most cases, these reasons have nothing to do with the activities of the driver. He will not be able to protect the contacts from oxidation or damage the wiring while driving.

Signs of malfunction of the mass air flow sensor
A malfunction of the car mass air flow sensor will initially affect the engine power and driving performance, and in the event of a complete breakdown, it will lead to problems with starting the car. In other words, the driver will not be able to start the car.

A timely response to a sensor malfunction is possible only if you know the signs of its malfunction. Namely this:

Minor problems with starting the engine;
Increased fuel consumption;
Unusual overheating of the motor when driving;
Jerks of a car when switching speeds;
The car stalls during normal driving;
Deterioration of engine power;
A large number of idle turns;
Decrease in acceleration speed.
The most important and sure sign of problems in the operation of the mass air flow sensor will be the “Check Engine” sign on the vehicle dashboard. Unfortunately, it lights up not only in case of problems with the mass air flow sensor, but also in case of other malfunctions. Diagnostics in a car service or checking the condition of the car using a specialized computer will help to identify the exact cause.

DMRV error codes
The following error codes will definitely indicate problems in the operation of the DMRV:

P-0103. Reports a high signal. Most often, the problem lies in the wiring;
P-0102. Indicates a low signal. Perhaps the problem is the oxidation of the wiring;
R-0100 is a code indicating problems with the electrical circuit of the sensor connection. Most often, some kind of connector is disconnected, and it is enough to connect it.
How to check the DMRV sensor
It is possible to detect and identify a problem in the operation of the sensor during self-diagnosis, when the error code is read by the system. Unfortunately, in most cases it is more difficult to do this: the error is not detected in the memory of the auto control unit. In this case, there are three ways to check the performance of the mass air flow sensor:

Using a multimeter. It is believed that this is one of the easiest ways after self-diagnosis. Using a multimeter, you need to check the integrity of all wiring and each wire, and also see the voltage on the signal wire;
Using a scanner. After connecting the scanner to the diagnostic block and the control unit, you need to start the car. When evaluating the analog-to-digital converter of the sensor, it should show 0.996 V .;
Using a motor tester. It is believed that this is the most difficult way. It consists in recording the output signal when the ignition is turned on. With a working sensor, the readings should show 3.11 V with a voltage surge.
It is much easier and more reliable to contact a nearby car service, which has all the necessary equipment for an accurate check of the mass air flow sensor.



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